How to Bath the Baby

Baby’s bath is a great and loving experience for parents and baby. Do not over bath the babies.

Sponge bathing

Firstly, give sponge bathe baby as they do not get so much dirty. For sponge bath, select a clean area for bathing. During the baby bath, switch off the phone because you have to attend the carefully the baby for a moment. For perfect bath, there are lots of objects to maintain such as baby shampoo, two wash cloths, cotton balls, mild soap, soft towel, diapers and neat or clean baby clothes.

Sponge bathing

Before baby bathing, remove all baby clothes and hold baby on the lap with bath kit on an adjacent table. At starting, wash baby face with lukewarm water and bath baby until baby’s skin is dirty, oily or sweaty.

Tub bathing


Baby tub bathing is easy to use and safe for babies. For tub bathing, there are lots of baby tubs in different size and shapes available in the market. Firstly, parents should make sure about Luke warm water in bath tub. Now the clean the baby’s skin that get the most sweaty, dirty or oily.

Parents can bath the baby three-four times a week in summer, but in the winter, they can bath their babies at least twice a week. Parents should use mild soap with fragrances, anti-microbials and abrasives for baby bath because babies have sensitive skin. Use soap only when the oily or sweaty skins are not easily removed with water.

Earlier, people are used perfumed talcum after every baby bath. There is no need to use oils and powders, as they may be harmful and irritating.

Important tips for baby bathing