A Guide for Pre-pregnancy Care

Getting pregnant is one of the most fulfilling experiences in a woman’s life. Pregnancy can give a completely new meaning and dimension to a woman’s life and can change the life of the blessed couple. However, for some women getting pregnant is not that easy.

Many women have to patiently and perseveringly keep on trying for months, and in some cases for years, to conceive and experience the joy of motherhood. The knowledge and familiarity with one’s body and with your spouse’s body can be of great help while trying to conceive. In addition, a good diet, and adjusting your exercise regimen can contribute to a great extent. Following are important factors in the pre-conception phase:


However, even after trying all the medical treatments, old wives tales, medical remedies, etc you do not get pregnant, there is no need to loose heart. As there is one more option available, ‘Adoption’. This not only does good to a child-deprived couple but also serves a social cause.