A Review of Emergency Dental Care

Dentures are prone to deterioration, which means that individuals who wear them might need to undergo emergency dental care at some point in their lives. This type of attention is suited for patients who experience sudden pain or injuries, thus requiring immediate treatment. Dentists providing such kind of support oftentimes extend their services beyond regular clinic hours to ensure meeting their patient’s needs effectively. Such assistance can be availed by a proficient 24 hour emergency dentist Brisbane has today.

Typical Process of Emergency Dental Care

A typical situation in emergency dental care could for instance involve complaints of extreme toothache by a patient. The role of dentists in such instances might include the following steps:

  • Relieving the pain with palliatives before administering proper treatment to the affected area. It is important that dentists first ask their patients whether they suffer from any known allergic reactions to common pain relief medications, before prescribing or administering them.
  • The dentist then takes some time asking questions as the patient experiences pain relief. This session is quite helpful as it helps in pinpointing what happened exactly before the onset of pain.
  • X-rays or other kinds of tests might also be run with aim of finding out the specific cause of a given problem, which could signify other underlying oral health complications.

Repairing Dentures

Denture repair is among the after-service treatments demanded most after emergency dental care has been conducted. Even when durable and fitting properly, dentures may end up developing cracks or chipping off for several reasons, one being biting onto hard surfaces. Certain patients like to bite on hard food items, resulting in such incidents, which could also happen to individuals who neglect proper care of their teeth.

Dentures are just like natural teeth and require proper care for them to retain good functionality. Repair of dentures can either be minor or major. Minor situations like hairline cracks could be addressed swiftly via certain quick fixes administered by a 24 hour emergency dentist Brisbane has to offer. Problems of this nature can be repaired within a few minutes, with patients oftentimes heading home with dentures intact. Conversely, major repair works could take long to perform and the dentist can suggest replacements for cases of extreme damage.

Replacement of Dentures                

Dentists normally take teeth-impressions on a dental mold, if repair of dentures proves somewhat challenging. This is then sent to a laboratory for dental technicians to create a new set, an activity which could take several days to complete. Afterwards, the dentures get returned to the clinic for fitting onto the patient. It may be necessary performing readjustments before the patient ultimately wears them comfortably. You can expect to later go home in a brand new set of teeth if your dentures do fit well.

Remember checking out whether your insurance provider covers emergency dental care before appropriating this form of service. If necessary, you could even ask for a review of your policy before undertaking any dental treatment. Patients with diverse emergency dental needs may consult a 24 hour emergency dentist Brisbane has and expect the best kind of support available anywhere.

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