semi-permanent makeup melbourne

Beauty Conscious Considerations Before Committing to Cosmetic Surgery

Have you ever dreamed of not needing any makeup to look extra good? For women around the world, never demanding for any cosmetics anymore or speeding up beauty routines seems like a pipedream. This is why there are many efficient, multitasking, and long-lasting beauty products out in the market that aim to help us realize this dream. But little do we know that within the beauty industry, technological advances and innovations are moving at a faster pace. A globally-acclaimed method resulted from the advanced endeavors of beauty specialists that enable a person to constantly look best – and it is called the semi-permanent micro pigmentation procedure. If you’re a beauty enthusiast in Australia, seeing a few semi-permanent makeup Melbourne salons in your locality just means this phenomenon is truly sought-after internationally. But undergoing this procedure is a bigger commitment than dishing cash for a new makeup palette at the Elizabeth Arden’s.

semi-permanent makeup melbourne

Considerations for the beauty-conscious cosmetics consumer on cosmetic tattooing

Stepping into a semi-permanent makeup Melbourne or Sydney salon to undergo a semi-permanent makeup procedure is a big decision to carry out. To consult an experienced professional at cosmetic tattooing is imperative so they can advise you on the crucial information you need to bear in mind.

Here are the considerations simplified into questions you should ponder on before booking an appointment:

1. Have you done enough proper research to find the best cosmetic tattooing professional in your area?

Looking for the best semi-permanent makeup Melbourne salon and specialist involves the inspection of their professional license first. You can do this by simply checking the salon’s website for more information and to check if their policies match up with your state’s regulations. When checking the website, make sure to read up on their customer reviews. Check other review sites too for more information on the salon’s previous clients and their past experiences there so that you’ll get to know what they’re capable of.

2. Are you prepared to pay a hefty amount?

Always remember that the skill level and experience under the professional’s belt on cosmetic tattooing means that they will most likely charge more for their services. So be sure to gauge yourself and ensure that your allotted budget allows for extra expenses.

3. Do you know exactly which facial feature you want to enhance?

The thing is, the placement of the cosmetic tattoo is ultimately your individual decision. A professional will never force you into fixing anything, although they can offer you a professional opinion on the quickest and most efficient way to achieve your desired results. This means you have to decide what you want to enhance even before setting foot in the salon.

4. Will you be able to commit and maintain protecting your cosmetic tattoo and fight the fading?

Semi-permanent makeup usually lasts up to one or two years. Fading is a normal circumstance for a cosmetic tattoo. The quality of color breaks down and fades over time. Your unique skin type, sun exposure, health and fitness lifestyle, various medication or usage of facial products are some contributing factors that affect color fading. If you want to see minimal change over time on your cosmetic tattoo, use maintenance products such as sunscreen and dermatologist-recommended products that help lock in the color for a longer period of time. Also, going thru touchup procedures after 12-18 months is necessary to help keep the look of your semi-permanent tattoo seem renewed and complete. For more details just visit

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