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Chemical Injection Pumps – Solid Support to Handling Liquids

More than the availability of any particular technology, its proper application where it is needed becomes more critical for the industry. Each industry is faced with challenges while operating in abnormal conditions or in odd location. The offshore drilling rigs which operate the FPSOs can be cited as an example. In a write-up on, this factor has been discussed and it has been pointed out that the pumping out of viscous liquid cannot be done with the regular pumping solutions. They have had to rely on deepwell pump technology to tackle this issue and have been able to improve the efficiency of operations. The use of chemical injection pumps is also meant to fulfil specialised requirements in certain industry segments where handling various chemicals in liquid form is essential.

Far Improved Designs in Pumping Systems

Pump manufacturers have always invested a lot in research and development in order to bring the latest technology to bear upon their products and the user industries can take full advantage of these. The oil & gas industry is one major user segment. Starting from the offshore drilling rigs referred to above, to the downstream refining and manufacturing of various derivatives, this sector handles liquids and gases in many forms and has to depend on chemical injection pumps in all their processes.

Integrated Pumping Skids

One visible improvement is in the form of chemical injection skids with all the components of the pumping solution mounted on a single base frame, including the pump. This makes it easy for the operators to control the processes and also when the maintenance activity has to be carried out. In most cases, these integrated skids would be custom built to suit the user industry’s on-site requirements. The size and capacity of the pump have to be first determined and then the supporting components, like the piping, valves and instrumentation panel with the control units have all to be accommodated. While these skids do help in conserving the space required, it has to be designed to the specific needs in each case. Click here for Techwest Williams Chemical Injection

Some of the Major Applications

The use of chemical injection pumps in the oil & gas industry has been already dealt with. The other user industries include the mining industry. Here also as they dig deeper into the soil, all kinds of liquids can emerge which need to be pumped out before the mining activity can be continued. Some of the open mines can accumulate rain water which can mix with the earth and form a viscous liquid. The pumping systems, therefore, have a critical role to play in this sector as well.

The other segment that uses these pumps includes the water treatment plants. Whether it is the public water supply units or industries that need treated water for their processes, the purification of water is done through the use of chemicals and pumping systems are an integral part of these industries as well.

Industrial pumps are important for many user segments and the use of latest technologies and design developments makes the users’ job easier while handling liquids in their processes. For more information, might be a place to start.

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