Important Skin Needling Aftercare Tips You Need to Know

The forecasted net worth of the anti-ageing industry from 2015 to 2021 is 140.3 billion US dollars or 184.5 billion Australian dollars. This staggering figure isn’t so surprising with people doing all they can to keep their appearances looking as young as possible. Hence, there are now thousands of methods to keep yourself looking youthful till old age. One of these is skin needling Gold Coast has.

skin needling gold coast

What is skin needling?

Skin needling in Gold Coast in Brisbane has become a popular alternative to other cosmetic treatments, like liquid facelifts, dermal fillers, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser, personal LED anti-ageing devices, and heat-based treatments. This is because skin needling is believed to be the safest and most effective skin treatment minus the pain.

During the skin needling procedure, a roller with 192 surgical grade stainless steel needles is rolled over the skin. What makes Elegance Beauty’s skin needling Gold Coast different than others is that they use a mechanical skin needling pen that causes lesser trauma and minimal damage to the skin, which means that there is less pain and discomfort after the procedure is completed.

What’s amazing about this procedure is that it doesn’t involve any heat or damage the top layer of your skin. Rather, it helps promote better skin health as it preserves the skin’s natural barriers against the harmful rays of the sun and other elements. More importantly, it promotes collagen production, tightening the skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, skin pigmentation, and other ageing signs. As a result, you’ll look and feel younger.

What to do after the skin needling procedure?

To ensure the best results of this anti-ageing treatment, you have to follow some aftercare tips.

  • Stay out of the sun at all times.

It’s normal for your skin to be more sensitive to the sun after the procedure. It’s best to avoid sun exposure while your skin is naturally healing. It’s also not advisable to use sunscreen right after the treatment as your skin’s channels are still completely open, thus will absorb anything that’s applied to it. You can use some, though, at least 24 hours after your Gold Coast skin needling treatment.

  • Don’t use makeup just yet.

As part of the healing process, your skin will feel hot. Aside from that, your skin will be extra sensitive after the procedure. This is why it’s best not to use any cosmetic product just yet. The components of some makeup might cause an allergic reaction to your skin, which could lead to infection. Wait for at least 24 hours to do so.

  • Avoid taking any anti-inflammatory medication.

Your skin will swell a bit after the skin needling Gold Coast procedure. But only because it’s part of your skin’s natural rejuvenating process. It’s not advisable to take any anti-inflammatory pills before or after the procedure because it will interfere with your skin’s natural healing.

  • Drink plenty of water.

Water is a natural remedy. So remember to drink lots of water to help promote and speed up your skin’s healing process.

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