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Making Beard Balm Work for You

According to Google’s year in search, how to use beard balm was the #5 top most searched beauty question in 2016. In a world that is dominated by women beauty products, it is remarkable that a male-specific grooming question would be in the top 10. A beard balm Australia shops sell can be a conditioning product like beard oil, or it could be applied as a sculpting product to help tame the beard and give it shape. When compared to beard oil, beard balm tends to give a little more hold, especially on unruly beards. The goal of this balm is to give you a thicker, fuller and softer beard plus the advantage of a soft skin beneath. However, the process of getting to this goal might prove challenging and this article is about how to use a beard balm Australia shops have to offer.

How to apply

People have different ways of applying a beard balm Australia shops sell, but the basic idea involves scooping some out, rubbing it between your fingers until you feel it is soft and liquid. Then you can work it into your beard with your fingers. Using fingers is the most common means but there are options of using a wooden beard comb or a brush; you can choose the one you prefer.

When to apply

More often than not the factor of timing is very crucial. When it comes to applying beard balm, it is best when your beard and skin are warm and damp which enable your skin and hair to absorb the most natural goodness from the oils. For this condition, applying the balm right after the morning shower is a good option, while other men apply the balm throughout the day when they have a need for it. So it works for both wet and dry beards.


Then comes the part of the ingredients used to make a beard balm. This may vary with different brands but basically, conditioner, moisturizer, butter and beeswax are used. All of them are important as beeswax locks in conditioners and moisturizers so they can work well and provide a protective barrier while at the same time gently shaping your beard and slick down flyaway hairs. You should note that beard balm Australia has today is not designed to shape your beard into crazy styles but instead act as a natural leave in conditioner for your beard and skin as you do your beard grooming.

Working it

In addition, as you apply the beard balm do not be afraid to apply it on your beard and the skin below. It is designed with skin friendly oils that help keep the skin of your face moisturized and conditioned. You will know that your skin is healthy when there is less itching and flaking below your beard. Therefore, ensure you work the beard balm by massaging it well into the beard and skin below.

With this information, you are well on your way to a healthy base and a healthy nice beard. If you are looking for beard products online, visit The Man Grooming Kit

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