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The role of plastic surgeons in rectifying body defects and trauma management

 As you may be aware, these days people have become very much conscious about their cosmetic appearance. In fact, it is because of this reason accident victims suffering from deformation of body always look for the services of a perth plastic surgeon or an expert in the localities of Australia. The surgeon would ensure the deformation is suitably repaired and the cosmetic appearance is restored to the extent possible.

Since the recent past, plastic surgeons have been playing a dominant role in the area of disaster relief. For example, in the world trade center bombing and also during the London Underground bombing, plastic surgeons have played a pivotal role in providing suitable medical relief to the victims.

perth plastic surgeon

Post traumatic treatment procedure:

As a matter of fact, the plastic surgeons are actively involved in both reconstruction and -traumatic procedures. The plastic surgeon normally operates in areas like the head, face, trunk, breast and urogenital. By conducting the operation the plastic surgeon apart from restoring the normal cosmetic appearance also helps the patient to regain confidence.

Cosmetic surgery Vs Plastic surgery:

However, you may be of the opinion that plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are one and the same. But, in reality they are different branches of surgical procedures. As a matter of fact, cosmetic surgery basically aims at enhancing the cosmetic appearance of the patient. Surgical procedures like the Rhinoplasty (reshaping of the nose), eyelid lift, face lift, breast enhancement, skin rejuvenation, tummy tuck are some of the procedures exclusively aimed at improving the cosmetic appearance of the patient. On the other hand, the Perth plastic surgeon aims at rectifying defects in the body that are caused due to birth disorders like palate, craniosynostosisa and so on. The plastic surgeon also deals with trauma or deformation caused due to burns and various other diseases. Click here for Quinn Plastic Surgery

Uniqueness of plastic surgical procedure:

In fact, the Perth plastic surgeon is considered as a surgical specialist because the surgeon performs unique types of surgical procedures. It is for this reason in many countries, plastic surgery is considered as a post graduate residency program.  In fact, the best plastic surgeon normally makes use of the principles of cosmetic surgical procedures. This helps the plastic surgeon to provide optimum outcome in the reconstruction procedure and also improve the overall cosmetic appearance of the patient. Of course, this is not to belittle the importance of cosmetic surgery, but only to highlight the specialty involved in the plastic surgical procedure.


In Australia, in order to improve the quality of plastic surgical procedures, the plastic surgeons have formed an association called as the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). This Association was formed in the year 1970, and has on its rolls all the practicing plastic surgeons of Australia.

The Association has drawn up code of ethics to be followed by all the plastic surgeons across Australia. It also provides necessary guidance and inputs to the Government of Australia in teaching and regulating the colleges imparting knowledge in plastic surgery and related branches of knowledge. For the benefit of practicing plastic surgeons, the Association conducts periodical seminars, conferences and training programs which help the members to update their knowledge about the recent innovations in the field of plastic surgery. For more details just visit

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